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Stand Together In Times Of Hardship And Forge Ahead

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Stand Together In Times Of Hardship And Forge Ahead

    A tall and healthy tree must grow out of a dense forest. If the tree leaves the forest, the wind will blow its branches and loose its leaves. In today's society, no one can achieve the sky on their own. Corporate competition is not an individual competition, but a team competition. This team building activity brings all members of the company together to build teams and play games, which is an effective way to shorten the spiritual distance of all colleagues.


    Our mighty motorcade came to Huizhou Shuangyuewan after 2 hours of hard work. The laughter and laughter along the way heralded the complete success of this event! After a period of preparation, we each divided our labors: materials, drinks, fruit washing, and moving things. Colleagues were also willing to participate. Some of them had already helped set the stove on fire, and some of them distributed supplies with us… ….

    Everything went smoothly. The long-awaited barbecue finally started, and everyone sat quietly by the fireside, paying attention to the fragrant chicken wings, drumsticks, pork ribs, fish balls, and chicken. You say something to me, add some juice, apply some honey, and help me "take care" of the chicken wings. This place is full of our sincere smiles, and every smiley face warms our hearts.


Riding The Wind And Breaking The Tide, It's Time To Set Sail

    Going to sea on a yacht is a wonderful thing in life. On the yacht, between the seas, looking at the blue sea and blue sky, looking forward to the infinite future. There is only the sea, the sun, the seabirds nearby, the shadows of the sails in the distance and the sound of the waves hitting the yacht.



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